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on the fast track as opponents launch a new move to de rail it. and giants fans rejoice. the extreme length some went to to saver a remarkable victory . >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. good evening. it's thursday, october 11th. i'm gasia mikaelian, and this is bay area news at 7:00. happening fou the first and only vice presidential debate is underway. vice president joe biden who we see here and republican nominee paul ryan are facing off in danville kentucky. the debate began with foreign policy and the death of ambassador chris stevens in libya one month ago. the congressman ryan accused the obama administration of changing its story on what happened. vice president biden said the white house was working from the intelligence reports it had. the two then delved into jobs, the economy and healthcare.
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we'll have a complete coverage for you tonight on the 10:00 news on ktvu. we're continuing to follow breaking news in vallejo where about a dozen homes are under evacuation as the bomb squad there clears suspected explosives. officials have evacuated one block in each direction from a home on georgia street near fern wood drive where some type of explosives were found. we're told that one person is in custody. children attending after-school programs at two local schools were sent home early. we do have a crew there, and we'll bring you a full report tonight on the 10:00 news. there are fears of foul play tonight following the disappearance of a hollister woman. as robert honda report, the missing mom's vehicle was found today but it had apparently been torched. >> missing person fliers of heather carroll began showing up all over hollister when the 25-year-old mom seemingly disappeared after dropping off her daughter at school yesterday morning. a police alert was sent out de scribing her tan colored toyota
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suv. shortly after 2:00 a.m. this morning, the fisch family on enterprise road heard loud noises and saw an suv going up in flames near their home and an adjoining field. >> i saw this car was just completely on fire like the flames were super high and my mom called the police and the fire -- the fire station and they came, like, right away. i was just scared that, like, somebody was going to be in the car. >> police investigators quickly denled it was carroll's vehicle but say it was not occupied at the time. police say the vehicle will be examined by the department of justice and chief david westrick is asking the fbi and sheriff's department for assistance. >> our level of concern was pretty high and with this new -- new development, it's even higher. >> the fisch family and other neighbors say they feel the same one. >> to burn the car that means they're probably trying to get rid of fingerprints or evidence of any kind. it doesn't really bode well. i don't see a positive. i'm not saying there's no hope,
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but it's kind of discouraging. >> this evening friends of heather carroll began searching the area looking for any clues flt several rewards are now being offered for information in the case. in hollister, robert honda ktvu channel 2 news. santa clara police say officers shot and killed a man that was allegedly threatening his father with a knife. officers responded to a domestic dispute about 11:15 last night. spokesman said a 41-year-old man and 66-year-old father were having a violent argument. police say the fight had subside and officers were leaving when the son began threatening his father with a knife. three officers opened fire killing the son. his name has not yet been released. bay area detectives are in the seattle area tonight as they try to solve the slaying of a retired schoolteacher at her home in heshg lees. officers expect to interview 24-year-old dar nel washington and his wife 25-year-old tanya washington. both are being held without bail in king county. heshg lees police called the
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pair persons of interest in the stabbing death of 55-year-old susie ko back on october 5th. police say the two were driving the subaru when they were arrested near seatac airport yesterday. >> we will be looking at the items of evidence that king county recovered from the vehicle and see fg there's a possibility of tying that into the scene itself. >> the couple is suspected in a series of crimes stretching from southern california to seattle after dar nel washington escaped from a san bernardino jail in late august. san francisco's central subway project received a shot in the arm today. it secured federal funding of nearly $1 billion. to explain what this means and how a newly-filed lawsuit could de rail the project. >> yeah. this is one of the big construction projects in san francisco. take a look. you can see that stock ton street here is closed off right now and as we come around take a look over here over there across the street near those stairs is where a new station will sit across the street now in the last 48 hours it's been a real roller coaster in here for the
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planners of this new subway system with bad news followed up by good news. >> a significant piece of the financial puzzle fell into place today for san francisco's central subway project. announce nearly a billion dollars in federal funding guarantee. >> i am delighted and very proud to announce today $942 million for the san francisco mta to extend the central subway. >> san francisco's muns pal transportation agency broke ground in february on the 1.7-mile stretch of subway connecting south of market to china town. the city's mayor says the subway is a crucial piece of san francisco's transportation future. >> it's going to significantly improve the movement of tens of thousands of san franciscos. >> o poebts filed a lawsuit yesterday seeking to block the subway. the new subway station at union square would replace part of the park, something he says would require voter aprol.
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his group called the project a big waste of money. >> if we can shift it all the existing resources into helping right away, everybody in the city would benefit. >> san francisco's mayor says he's not worried the suit will de rail the project. >> i think -- i know that there's a theory they're working about not having a station on union square, i think that borders only bik louse so i think we're be successful in de fending against it. >> if all goes according to plan, it will open up in 2017 but opponents still want to take the issue directly to voters and hope to get a ballot before voters next year. ktvu channel 2 news. a san francisco supervisor who voted to reinstate sheriff ross mirkarimi is now sending a different message. in station today said her faith in mirkarimi has been diminished. supervisor cay went onto say voters have every right to
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recall mirkarimi as sheriff. any recall effort would eventually be put to voters. now to san rafael where police are tying to haul a string of thefts. police say more than a dozen homes in the glen wood neighborhoods have been targeted in the past month and a half. we're told that the thieves are so careful to put things back where they were that it's taken days for some homeowners to notice the burglaries. at least one residents to have burglars are taking advantage of open doors and unlocked windows. pg&e and the city of oakland today launched a new program to update hundreds of street lights, part of an effort to reduce public safety and energy cost at more than 240 east oakland sights selected by police and the combhunty. leds are energy efficient. city leaders say the lights are also brighter and save more than $19,000 a year. bomb squad investigators say a 15-year-old boy from morgan hill is responsible for an incident yesterday involving a dta bus.
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authorities say that teen admitted to leaving a package on the bus and writing the word bomb on it. the boy was cited by sheriff's investigators for reporting a false explosive, which is a misdemeanor, and was released into the custody of his parents. it closed monterey highway for several hours. for the first time ever more than half of california public schools met or surpassed a key state testing benchmark. in sacramento today state superintendent said 53% of schools hit the target score of 800 on the state's academic performance index this past school year. some critics say the increase simply shows that schools are teaching to the test but called it a major achievement in the face of cuts in school fund sglg just a few years back it was only 20% of the schools in california were reaching this high level of performance. >> the strait also unveiled a new web page with data for each california school including test scores, graduation rates and other information all in one
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place. . positive news tonight on the economy watch. unemployment claims plunged last week to their lowest level in more than four years. the labor department says that first-time filing fell by 30 thousand to 339 thousand. that's the fewest since february, 2008. the less vo tile four-week average dropped to 364 thousand. that's the six-month low. the positive numbers follow a decline in the u.s. unemployment rate to 7.8% last month. that news boosted wall street at the open but the optimism fade bid the close. the dow industrial lost 18. nasdaq shed two. apple stock today took a hit after the u.s. court of appeals in washington dc overturn adjudge's order blocking samsung from selg its galaxy neck sus smart phone. that led to $1 billion judgment against samsung. the appeal court foupd that apple has failed to show how the patent violation would harm
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iphone sales. the price of gas in california is easing ever so slightly from its record highs this week. fuel gauge report shows the price of regular has dipped by a penny to 4.66 a gallon. that's also the ample price in san jose and oakland. san francisco sis cans pay an average of 4.73 a gallon. california's early switch to the winter blend gasoline should further lower prices. a new lead in the case of a girl snatched two decades a girl from outside a bay area store. how one family helped revive the investigation. and across the region as the san francisco giants take a remarkable win. the length some fans are going to to support their team. and in weather we still have a few showers on live storm tracker two radar. coming up we'll break down shower chances over the next 24 hours. also the warmest day of upcoming week educational background and when 80s return to parts of the bay area [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy.
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. new information tonight about this devastating fire in union city. fire investigators now say the four-alarm fire started in the back of the al have a raw doe place shopping center. ten businesses were damaged. crews are still trying to determine the cause of yesterday's fire which sent flames shooting 30 feet into the air. investigators say it started in between an ageing grocery and pizza rest raunts. there's a possible new break in the disapeern of michaela gishth who was -- john fowler explains how the actions of another victim's family led to what is now a new clue. >> hayward police have sent for dna testing a three-inch bone used by the speed freak killers. the unidentified bone from a 5
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to 13-year-old. michaela garecht was nine when she was kidnapped. >> it breaks my heart that she's laying in that place for all this time. >> the bones of 16-year-old joanne were also found in that grave. experts alerted hayward police one bone could be michaela's. >> you know, i don't think we can jump down the road of this must be. >> investigators say nothing previously linked michaela to serial killers. herg sod killed himself in january the day sher man tine began revealing de tail of their crimes but the time frames are close and dna tests are now being done in virginia. >> a result of the testing may not be known for several weeks. >> if we find out that this is her, we'll just have to see where life goes after that. >> police concerned that they are collaborating with the fbi but declined to say if the fbi laboratory is conducting those dna tests. health and science center, ktvu
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channel 2 news. the number of people who have gotten sick from a tainted steroid shot is climbing. 170 people in 11 states who contracted fun gal meningitis from the back pain shot. 14 of those people have died. the tainted me kags was traced to a pharmacy in massachusetts and has been rauled. 600 patients here in california were treated with the steroid shots but so far none has reported getting sifrjts kellogg's is rauling 300 packets bite size my knee wheats and bite size unfrosted are affected. small pieces of metal mesh may have ended up in the material. right here the package's best if used before date. so far no serious injuries have been reported. 13 elementary school children and a bus driver were hurt in a crash in southern california today. from overhead here you can see the school bus lying on its side
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after colliding with a u-haul truck this afternoon. the accident happened as students were heading home about 2:00. the u-haul was back intoog the street when it ran into the bus with 40 students on board. two children have serious but non-life-threatening injuries. a new report says the federal government is cracking down on college graduates falling behind on their student loans. a new report find that is in recent weeks, the federal government is taking more de falters to court. in california, 7% of college students are in de fault. analysts say the lack of job openings and sluggish economy and soring tuition costs are triggering this rise in default. the oakland zoo opened its state of the art veterinary hospital. it's the largest wild animal hospital in northern california. it was built using recycled content and high-performance material. the building is equiped with the latest technology and equipment
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to treat all 650 animals at the zoo. the cost of the new veterinary hospital was nearly $11 million and most of the funding came from private donations. well, the san francisco giants today culminate add remarkable turn around in their divisional series against the cincinnati reds and now find themselves four victories away from a spot in the world series. mvp candidate hit the team's third ever post-season grand slam to take the giants to a six to nothing lead in the fifth inning. got the final out in the ninth to seal a six to four victory for the giants. this marks the first time in the 18-year history of the best of five national league divisional round that the team recovered from losing their first two games to win. >> they didn't make it easy on us those last four innings, but, you know, our staff came up with some big pitches when they needed to, and it's a great feel sglg yeah, we were down. we were never really out of it. our emotions, our feelings, our attitude, we never hung our
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head. >> after wards the giants celebrateed with the traditional popping of the champagne in the locker room. >> here in the bay area giants fans stopped in their tracks pretty much everywhere to soak up the big win. watched the game with fans in walnut creek where there were plenty of high fives. >> this is what it looks like with three must-win games. >> no-quit attitude. you know, they do things that teams doebt expect them to do. you know, if the odds say this happens, they to the opposite. >> the momentum really hit the hill here in walnut creek as pound add grand slam. >> my voice is still paying for what ended up happening after that grand slam. >> it reminded many of a 1989 slam by another player. >> that childhood memory lived with me. i felt it. i knew it was going to happen. it was destiny. >> and it's in little giant's
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fan's wear orange and black for life. meet 18 month old. >> we wanted something with the giants that the whole pregnancy we called him baby buster. >> so adopt add national league championship series and everyone we talked with says they're be back in this spot to watch again, even sandy bennett who just had hip replacement surgery. >> got my walker. i'm ready to go. i forgot my cane. that's what i should have brought. >> absolutely beautiful day in the bay and now the other side of the bay has to fulfill their prophesy. >> and the giants are already schedule today play in the first game of the nlps on sunday at 5:00. ktvu channel 2 news. it is still determined where that game will be played. that's because the washington narnls today beat the st. louis cardinals with a walk-off home run tying their series ot two games apiece. the deciding game twoen those two teams will be played tomorrow. if the nationals wirngs the giants will go to washington for game one.
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if the cardinals win, game one takes place at at&t. not just the giants, though, the a's are also basking in the post-season glow. baseball souvenir and memorabilia store on both sides of the bay are seeing an increase in sales. lifelong fans just jumping on the band wagon saying right now is a perfect time to splurge on an item that shows support for their team. a negotiating tactic that's the opposite of playing hardball. why researchers say flirting can get women ahead if they do it a certain way. also cloudy skies and scattered showers remain other the bay area tonight but meteorologist marc tells us the sun will prevail this weekend. and don't forget tomorrow's high school football game of the week. catch a preview here on bay area news at 7:00 then watch all the highlights on the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2
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. northern california native american tribes received a value of salmon today. tribal members held a ceremony today just south of the oregon state line. in prior years they've received frozen surplus salmon rather than live fish. this represents a step towards restoring their historic fish rirs. our meteorologist is here
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tonight and you've been tracking some activity near the bay area but things are going to change. >> things will be changing especially by the weekend. get ready for more of a warmup out there but still scattered showers across parts of the bay area. that trend will continue somewhat as we do head into the overnight hours so if you can see here on live storm tracker 2 radar there's the conch and the loop over the past couple of hours. latest imagery pick out the bulk of the activity outside santa cruz but even if you aren't covered, the chance of just a few sprinkles. if you thought it was cold today, you were right on. take a look another these numbers. they were only in the upper 50s to lower 0s. san jose maxed out right around 60 degrees forecast headlines for tonight we do have more cloud cover out there and the chance of a few sprinkles a few light showers right on through friday morning but then into the weekend hold onto a few clouds
7:25 pm
bursting saturday but the clouds will gradually thin out and lead to our warming trend. as far as overnight lows, will be in the lower 50s out towards santa rosa, napa, morgan hill, 53 degrees. so of course we have the cloud cover tonight and been tracking the thunderstorms all because this guy, this very low pressure heading down towards southern california generating some thunderstorms for that part of the state. there was another weak system approaching generate the cloud cover mostly for friday night into saturday morning but first thing tomorrow morning there's a lot of moisture out there and as a result we could be dodging a few sprinkles, very light as you can pick out friday morning. forecast model shows you that at least this evening and basically the same deal into a friday morning. not a lot of kofrnl here but still lots of clouds and a few -- a few maybe light showers or at least drizzle out there. clouds do begin to thin out for the afternoon so you can count on more sunshine at least for your friday afternoon compared to the morning hours. forecast highs will be in the 60s. warmest locations right around
7:26 pm
70 degrees out toward brentwood. tomorrow a little warmer than today. some upper 60s out toward san jose and morgan hill. san francisco forecast high of 62. here is look ahead with your weekend always in view. start out saturday with a few extra clouds de creasing in the afternoon. that'll set the stage for a sunny weather pattern with temperatures rebounding nicely by monday, tuesday, warmest locations back up into the 80s. . thank you. their studies found women that used so-called social charm are rated as better negotiators. in one experiment volunteers said they'd be more likely to lower the price of a used car for a flirtatious female buyer. the study's author says the key to the successful flirting is authentic. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. i'm gasia mikaelian and your conch continues with the 10:00 news. tonight complete coverage with
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the debate that's just now wrapping up. also where the a's are hopeing to advance the giants in the next round of play offs. tmz is up next right here on tv 36 [ male announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits.
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